Can't generate stats

Platform: Website

Browser: Brave Version 1.1.23


Description of problem: When I try to generate my 2019 stats, I get a error message saying:


in Firefox Version 73.0.1 I get the same thing:


I tried loading stats from other years, and the same thing happens.

I’m getting the same, although I don’t recall generating for this year and yet it shows recent activity in the graphs. Has it been made to auto-generate?

it seems to have gone through when I tried earlier, when I look at it says “Stats generated on March 08, 2020 08:31 am” which is exactly when I last tried earlier.


interesting, if I just ignore the popup and let it run, the “loading” button spots spinning and it works fine.


I’m having the same problem

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We don’t update or maintain the Year in Review pages throughout the year, it’s just a year-end thing. I was just able to generate my states for last year and this year, though.

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I just tried again and it’s working normally

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time to close?

yeah it’s been working fine for a while now.