Personal 2024 Stats Not Working

Just over a week ago my personal iNat Stats for 2024 stopped working with an error message at the top of the screen (indicating that something had gone wrong but with no email address to contact). That error message has now disappeared but my stats are not updating when i run ‘Regenerate’ even though I have added a good number of observations to my account in the intervening time.

THe ‘stats’ page can be seen here: steve_mcwilliam’s 2024 iNaturalist Year in Review · iNaturalist

Can this be ‘fixed’ as it would be good to see how my stats are changing through the year.

Many thanks.

Steve McWilliam

For what it’s worth, the Year in Review isn’t supported throughout the year. It usually works, and I personally refresh my data about once a week throughout the year, but it only really gets worked on at year’s end and in January.

I regenerated my stats the other day without an issue, and did it just now as well - it takes about a minute or so. How long are you waiting when you click on regenerate?