Year in Review stats twitter / opengraph cards not updated

When you visit your own year in review stats, e.g., even after pressing Generate, the resulting Year in Review page still shares a very out of date image summarizing your stats, e.g.

After generating new stats, I expected the Twitter / OpenGraph cards to show the updated stats matching what’s on the web page:

I wonder if this is now being generated to Amazon AWS storage and it’s just that the old URL needs to be pointed at the new location. What do you think?

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We haven’t launched the Year in Review just yet and are actively working on bugs like this. Hopefully by the end of this week.


Ah, good. I figured someone might already know about it, but just didn’t see any forum post about it. Looking forward to the launch!

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Try regenerating your stats again. There might be a little delay for the preview card to get updated, but we think we fixed it.

Also, can you please hold off on sharing on social media until we announce, in case we need to address any other bugs? :-)


OK. I’ll pass that on in our Discord community. Dronefly bot has a feature its registered users can use to check their own stats just by typing ,my inatyear. Around about this time, members are starting to use this command, and that’s when we noticed the issue.

I regenerated and yeah, the preview card hasn’t updated yet, so I’ll check it later. Thanks!

Just to clarify what you mean by “a little delay”, Carrie, do you know about how long? After 20 minutes, when I refresh the stats page and/or the preview card image itself, the link to the preview card is the same and the image is the same. The last-modified date is from March of this year.

Not sure when it finally updated, but this morning it’s fine. Thanks!

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It’s up! You can shout it from the rooftops now.