Caryopteris mongholica to Caryopteris mongolica

Can anyone change species name from Caryopteris mongholica to Caryopteris mongolica? Recently I uploaded my photo of the species observation and found out the species name is wrongly spelled.

You can flag the taxon and in the reason box say that it is spelled wrong

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I’ve added the flag on your behalf. On the taxa page, off to the right is a dropdown menu for “Curation” tasks. In there you can flag the taxon. Give a brief description of the type of problem (so that the curators that handle those type of problems see it and read it), and after you save the flag, back on the taxon page you can “view the flag”. with the link in the message at the top of page. Add in a comment to the flag any details that could help the curator, such as links to references and so forth. They are busy people, so the more help you can give with info to save them having to go looking for it, the better!

A quick check of Plants of the World Online has the correct spelling as Caryopteris mongholica
Flag created and resolved in less than a minute!

Closing to focus further discussion on the flag, thanks!