Personal List - being correct

Personal lists are not updating, species are missing.

There no longer appears to be an ability to 'run’an update to correct this - there was previously so running it would bring in the missing species

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Lists stopped updating on purpose last year, see for more details.

If you’re looking for a list of all the taxa you’ve personally observed, your new auto-updating life list is here:

If you’re having trouble with the new life list, could you provide an example or two of species that you expect to find but are not?


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thanks - never read the blog usually so missed this, which was a bit frustrating, as I had thought the function had gone completely and I would have to move over to another database - as being able to create a ‘seen’ list for specific taxa and locations was important for me - but as this can still be done in the new function that is fine - :) great

only question why have the ‘old’ lists remained? if they do not update they serve no purpose - the fact they were there was just as confusing if they had gone :)

I guess a few people maintain their old life lists manually. The new life lists don’t allow you to add species for which you don’t have observations and I think some people still want to do that.

When you open your lists there’s a big announcement about new dynamic life list.

not anymore, it may have been there when the changed occurred for a period, and I had not looked at them for a while :)

I dunno, I see it asking me to try it every time, even though I did it many times! Maybe just got stuck for me.