Caterpillar viewing

Is there a way to view caterpillars I’ve posted without having to scroll through all my actual moths and butterflies? When I type in ‘Caterpillars’, looking for a caterpillar whose identity I don’t know but I know I have photographed and posted previously, I have to use Moths and Butterflies, which brings up all my moth and b’fly posts and I have so many it takes heaps longer than it should to find the caterpillar I want. Surely there could be a general Caterpillar tag that will just show all my caterpillar entries???

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You would need to search Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) with a Life Stage: Larva filter. However, this method won’t work unless you first annotate all your caterpillar observations as Life Stage: Larva.


Thank you @fluffyinca! I have been labelling my caterpillars lately with larva, so it worked!


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