Search my own observations by Life Stage: larva

I use Chrome browser on a PC. I want to filter my own observations for Lepidoptera larva. All my larvae are annotated upon upload.
When I identify for others, I can filter by With Annotations>Life Stage>Larva. When I filter identify using my own username, it returns zero results. I’m assuming that’s because you cannot ID your own observations in “Identify,” correct?
When I use the search bar/box for “Your Observations”—but “With Annotation” & drop-down categories are missing. I tried “Description/Tags” and only a few where “larva” were mentioned in my notes or comments showed up.
What am I missing, please?

As it stands currently, I think you have to navigate from an observation with the desired annotation to get annotation-specific observations in the Explore/Your Observations tab.

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You might know it already but there’s a wiki on the forum for iNat search URLs, there’s a lot more that you can do than is provided in the filters on the explore page: . I think @swampster answered your question but not a bad thing to have in your back pocket for the future.


Yes, I am aware of the filters page, but I find it difficult to use. If you are familiar with URL filters, would you be so kind as to create the filter I’m asking for, please, in URL form?
Lepidoptera observed by becksnyc, life stage larva. I will save it in my notes & be forever grateful.

I would never in a million years have thought to click on “Life Stage” and work from there.
Thank you!!!

Never mind, I finally figured out what swampster meant in his answer.

If you want to do it from the Identify page filters, you just have to be sure to check all the Casual/Needs ID/Research Grade boxes and also change “Reviewed” from No to Any.


Thank you!

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