Quickly find caterpillar images

I must be brain dead today.
What’s the quickest way to see larval stage images only of a species on iNat?

Go to the taxa page, pick on the show more, or whatever it says in the photos and then select from the dropdown there


Thank you!

Go to Identify, click Filter and then More Filters, and where it says With Annotation, click the following dropdown and select Life Stage. Then it will show = Any. Click the Any dropdown and select Larva.

Or just click here.

UPDATE: Ignore all of that up there; I figured it out! And it was pretty much the same as @cmcheatle’s so I guess you don’t need to know. You search for the taxa, click the view more thingy, and then select Grouping: to Life stage and Life stage: to Larva.


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Just a note, unless you further refine your url, the one you provided will:

  • only include images from records still at needs ID, thus excluding the much larger pool of research grade records
  • show all species when it appears the original request was for a specific one
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Ok, got it :slightly_smiling_face:

PS remember to annotate as larva. There are good pictures, but without the annotation they are lost.


yes it seems the above method works only for those observations that have been tagged with an annotation “larva” or “caterpillar” etc. so the observations you see for that method would always be an undercount. im guilty of not annotating my observations :grimacing:


Yes that’s very true people tend to leave that off…thank goodness iNaturalist allows the community to annotate as well

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I just ran into a hurdle with this. I had a picture of an unknown larva, so I put the ID as Winged and Once Winged Insect. But the annotation options shown were only Adult and Egg. That is because some insects hatch as nymphs rather than larva, so at a high level ID, you do not get either interim phase option to annotate. I am not sure I agree with the logic, but there it is.

(FWIW, here is the discussion: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/annotations-limited-on-a-specific-observation-but-not-others/22403/9)

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you could follow that one observation, to get notified if someone adds an ID … then maybe you could larva

  1. In cases like this, you can still use the observation field “Insect Life State,” which I think links up to the annotation somehow. I’m not sure if it will update the annotation or not when the observation ID is refined.

  2. For basically this reason, it has been suggested to create a new node for the clade Endopterygota: insects that go through a larval stage. It seems to be a pretty popular idea on paper, but it hasn’t been implemented yet because of the high logistical and computational load given the huge number and diversity of endopterygote observations on iNaturalist.

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