Change geoprivacy on multiple observations at once

I’m wondering if I could change the geoprivacy or at least the diameter of multiple posts at once possible 1000 or so posts?

You can batch edit observations in groups of up to 200.

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 9.31.17 PM

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 9.31.47 PM


Here is a step-by-step to add to @thomaseverest’s helpful screen shots (this is how to do it on the web site – I barely use the mobile app):

  1. Click on your avatar at upper right, and pick Edit Observations from the choices. The direct link for you would be
  2. If you need to narrow down the set of observations to change (to get below 200 at a time), first select Search, choose appropriate filter options, then hit the blue Search button below the filters.
  3. Next click Batch edit up near the top. Empty checkboxes will appear next to each (filtered) observation.
  4. Use whatever combination of Select All, Select None, or manually checking/unchecking individual observations to get the final set you want to edit.
  5. Click Edit Selected.
  6. At the top, click on the Batch Operations line highlighted in yellow.
  7. In the batch operations box, to change the “diameter” (accuracy radius in meters), click on edit under the little globe at upper right, fill in the new acc (m) value, then click the blue Apply button directly below that column. (Leave the other boxes blank unless you also want to move them all to the same new location.)
  8. To change geoprivacy, first click More Fields at lower left of the Batch Operations box. You will see a new row for Geoprivacy.
  9. Select the new Geoprivacy value, then click the blue Apply geoprivacy button directly to the right.
  10. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the batch and click the blue Save All button. The process may take a while. If it appears to time-out, give it several more minutes and then spot-check some of the selected observations to make sure the changes were saved (usually they are despite any time-out message).

@jdmore @thomaseverest Thank you so much!!

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