Batch Editing Observations With Private Location

Hi everyone,

I accidentally posted a considerable number of observations with geoprivacy marked as private. This impedes many people from knowing the precise location of my observations and thus makes it harder for them to help me identify things.

I was wondering if any of you knew how to batch edit all my observations so that their geoprivacy could be switched to “Open” instead of “Private”.

Thank you all in advance

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If you go to the Edit Observations page (accessible from your logo at the upper right, or from the Observations tab at the top of your dashboard), you can search for them using Geoprivacy. At that point, you should only see the Private ones. Then you hit the Batch Edit button, Select all of them, and Edit Selected. There should be a block that says Batch Observation. Click on that, then More Fields at the bottom of the block. At that point, you should see a field for Geoprivacy.


Thank you so much! You have just saved me a few hours of cleaning up!

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