Change how space affects name search

If there’s a space accidentally added before you type the name, search results are different, and if there’s a space after the genus name, genus dissapears from suggestions. That doesn’t help, could it be changed so space wouldn’t do that?
e.g. no space
space before

no space

space after


The second case, with a space after the genus name, I find actually quite helpful and use it intentionally when I want a list of species in that genus. So in my perspective, that case is a feature, not a bug.

You can see by this example it doesn’t work that way, it starts showing species with that word in random order, not just species of that genus excluding the genus name (often it doesn’t show up in search at all, how’s that helpful if you want to see it?). If I type in a genus name, why it shows a fungus with that epithet instead of species from that genus?

The reason it works this way is because the search is looking for matches inside both scientific names and common names (in all languages). It’s not really a semantic search as such, since it just tries to match the beginnings of any of the contained words, regardless of their meaning or order. So “can fam” and “fam can” will both get Canis familiaris as the first hit, but the list will also include Canellaceae, since that happens to have the English common name “Canella Family”. Thus, the names that you type in are just words (or word-prefixes), not taxonomic elements per se. This allows for a lot of flexibility when searching, but obviously also with the loss of some precision.

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I doubt it’s hard to set up the priority for such search, I get it searches the names, but first one should always be the one where genus matches, not species name, and name with two of the same word would be a priority too.

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A good example:

The observation is of an ant, Genus Pseudomyrmex. But then you can see that in some language – I don’t know which – “ant” is the common name for moose. Then it keyed on the first letters in Anthozoa, followed by those in Antelope, before getting back to actual ants again.


And that is a problem, discussed before on the forum, search should prioritize names within the language that is set as default for you, it’s not helping when you type the name in your language, but it suggests something used on the other side of the world for something completely different.


and in some languages
why would choosing Life
offer this as a second default?
There are only 2 obs on iNat so who on earth (apart from those 2) would be actively looking for a little fish in Peru

Dicots, using the 3 letter dic (OK - remember just a d for dicots, Diana)
offers first
this hooded shrimp with no obs