Change Observer leaders tally from all time to monthly on project page

Our project, the Vermont Atlas of Life -, like all traditional projects tallies the top 5 users for most species and most observations (see screenshot below). For us, with a relatively large amount of data now, this rarely if ever changes. It is always the same top 5 people on the lists. We’d like to see this change from all time to monthly tally that resets each month. This would make it more interesting for folks to view and recognize more people for their iNaturalist awesomeness.

but… no one will be able to see the epic struggle of me trying to catch up with Erika :)

Just kidding, i think this makes sense.


haha! Well, when you catch and pass her, we’ll have an official ceremony live on VT public television! LOL!


if it ever happens. I always joke about it, but she is too good natured so I can’t actually consider her a rival (especially since it’s all for the better good). But i am getting near the point I can try to get my kid to help find stuff so maybe being a parent will end up speeding me back up again.

I agree with having the option to have top observers of the month! That is super helpful for getting people encouraged to submit observations and makes it more achievable for newbies to get recognition. I know a lot of my group (Ohio Dragonfly Survey) would benefit from that.

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