Users Inexplicably Missing from Site Leaderboards


A kind soul had pointed out that I was missing from this leaderboard for most of the year. Since then, I am now there. But the second place user, chloeandtrevor, is still missing. It started a conspiracy theory about the site intentionally featuring people who were “new” to the leaderboard, to avoid the same people occupying the same spots consistently. But presumably it is a bug (though it would still seem just to extend it to 10 places, not just 5, to recognize further people’s great contributions and passion for the natural world).

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Could it be related to the bug of amount of curated taxa shown that is constantly changing up and down?

Yeah sounds like the same problem as:

Maybe related to this, so this page is just buggy I guess.


This is definitely not the case. I don’t think we’ve worked on this page in a long time. Not sure why chloe_and_trevor aren’t on it, but it sounds buggy.


There’re more users missing, checking the explore page for observed in 2022 list is very different from people page.

What URL are you using?

Sort of related:
When I click Explore and filter observers by species, I’m nowhere to be found on the list even though I should be in the 350-380th place.

@gatorhawk global page doesn’t show leaf taxa, so you need to compare your species count from the tab of “observers”.

I show up on the link you attached, but that’s only counting observations since the beginning of the year, whereas I’d like to see all time.
When I create a custom boundary encompassing all of my observations, I can see including leaf taxa that I’m at 2,460 species.

Whereas in a project that includes all my observations:

…I can see I’m at 2,138 species. Is this my species not including leaf taxa? If so then shouldn’t I be in 375th place on the global leaderboard?

My link is not for you, it’s an answer to @tiwane. Answer to you is easier as it was discussed before, you’re not shown because you have too few obsrvations to be shown in top-500, when you sort them by species, it’s not generating a new list, but sorting those 500 users.

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That makes sense, thanks!

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Species leaders should be fixed now, but we’re still looking a bit deeper to see if the issue will pop up again or affect other pages.

One theory was it was due to numbers, but this happened early on when the tallies were still <1000 species, so that didn’t seem to be the case. It also didn’t seem to be outdated because the people on there had updated tallies based on their recent observations, so that wasn’t it either.

For the record, it’s related to this bug. However, I’m not really knowledgable enough to understand the technical details.

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