Umbrella Project Page - Sort Leaderboard by “Observations per Observer, “Species per Observer,” and “Observations per Species.”

Platform: website


Description of need:
I love participating in projects like the City Nature Challenge, and it’s great that we can sort the leaderboard by total observations, total species, and total observers, but it would also be great to sort them by observations per observer, species her observer, and species per observation. I know we can download the data and manually calculate it or use a spreadsheet to help, but it would be great to have those options added to the leaderboard sorting options.

Feature request details:
See descrption above. It would be helpful and very convenient if we could simply sort the leaderboard by those other statistical categories.

I changed the title to make it just for umbrella projects, because I’m assuming you’re referring to this on umbrella project pages, correct? eg

If so, those only appear on umbrella projects.

Also, each observation can’t be for more than one species, so “species per observation” wouldn’t be very useful.


Yes, for umbrella project pages e.g. or

Yes, an observation can only be one species, but I would like to see the ratio of how many total species to how many total observations. This can often tell a lot about a project like overall diversity in an area. I changed to “Observations per Species” in the title.


Gotcha, thanks!