Change of Japanese name is not accepted

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アカガネオオゴミムシ 基亜種 (亜種 Myas cuprescens cuprescens) · iNaturalist

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I changed Japanese name of Myas cuprescens cuprescens from “アカガネオオゴミムシ” to “アカガネオオゴミムシ 基亜種” on September 10th. However, it is still listed as “アカガネオオゴミムシ” on the individual observation log page.
On the species page (URL above), “アカガネオオゴミムシ” is displayed as the primary name, and “アカガネオオゴミムシ 基亜種” is displayed as an alias.
However, at the bottom of the page only “アカガネオオゴミムシ 基亜種” is displayed, and “アカガネオオゴミムシ” is not present. When I go to the “Manage Names” page, there is no “アカガネオオゴミムシ”. Therefore, it is not possible to swap the priorities and make “アカガネオオゴミムシ 基亜種” higher than “アカガネオオゴミムシ”.
When I added the name, I thought it would be resolved quickly and left it alone. But after 10 days it still hasn’t been resolved.
Do bugs like this occur in other species or languages?

species page

species page bottom

Manage Names page

individual observation log page

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It looks to be using the correct name wherever I check:

Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page.


Yes, I’d try clearing the cache or doing some kind of forced refresh (or using a different browser). On a side note, it looks like there’s a regional name set for Japan, but this doesn’t seem necessary, as there’s only one Japanese name. I don’t think it is what is causing the issue, but unless I’m misunderstanding, it seems like the regional name should be removed.


I’m seeing this name as well, so I think it’s working as intended. I do think it’s likely a browser cache issue.

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Thank you, everyone.
I didn’t expect it to be a cache issue.
I’ll try following your advice.

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