Common Name on Edit Observation Screen Matches Most Recent Identifier's Preferences, Rather Than Own

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.28.10 (563)

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When editing an observation, the common name displayed on the edit page does not match my own language/location preferences, but rather matches, I assume (based on their observation locations), the language/location preferences of the person who provided the most recent identification on the observation.

This only appears to impact the edit page. The common name listed on the observation page (before pressing the pencil/edit icon) appears as expected.

Oh, and here are my common name and language preferences.

I’ve noticed similar issues when comments/IDs are loading on the Android app, but they go away once it finishes.

Seems to be another problem related to the species_guess field.


I can see a similar issue in RSS feeds, the feed item title is set to the local name of (likely) the preferred language of the last user who made the most recent identification. It has always been like this but I’ve never reported it.


Ah, so this then?

I searched around GitHub and the forum and saw some similar issues but couldn’t tell then they were related to what I was seeing. Thanks for the context.

EDIT: Though, reading through the other thread, I guess I’m still a little confused. If I’m understanding the common_name and species_guess fields right, it seems to me like the value of the common_name field is what I should be seeing as the second name in those screenshots, not the value of the species_guess field?

Is it possible that in addition to an issue with species_guess getting set incorrectly, that the UI here is also displaying the wrong field entirely?

Hopefully that makes sense.

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I don’t really know what it should be showing – common name seems more reasonable than species guess, but I haven’t looked into it.

@thomaseverest said sometimes it fixes itself, did you try refreshing?

Like swiping down on the observation list/grid? Yeah, I’ve done that and I’ve also cleared my app cache. Seems like it’s more than just a caching issue. Especially if you can see the non-English common name on your end too.

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I see the species guess in the json for the observation using a desktop browser. In the app I see the English common name (as expected based on my settings).

Yeah, that’s what I mean. If you can see it in the JSON then it’s not just an issue with locally cached data, I’m guessing.

For my observation, or for one of your own? I see the English common name on mine as well – that is, everywhere except for on the edit observation page. I suspect if you attempt to edit, in the app, one of your own obs that’s recently been ID’d by someone from, say, Europe or Asia, that you might see something other than English too.

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looks like there’s been an attempt to address this, at least going forward: