Change order of project observations (project admin setting)

In the ecology of an area or in the life of a specimen, time is fundamental. Without observing observations in time sequence such observations have no meaning.
Therefore, to communicate my Project observations to an audience, as well as when perusing them for my own information and understanding, I have to use the Search button, then reoder by date observed, ans select Ascending.

I have hundreds of Collection Projects to monitor small areas, and often like to swith betwen them quickly to compare them, or review what happened and their state at a certain time.

It is so time consuming to reorder them on each opening that, instead, I created links to the observations of each, already thus ordered, and placed the links in a Journal post.

This works really well for my purposes of quick reference to the changes in each area over time…but to access the Journal post takes much longer than accessing the Collection Project, whose link appears in each observation. So I still end up doing a lot of search, filter, reordering just to have a quick look at the habitat around an observation at the time of interest.

So I would be very grateful if there were an option for a Project manager or owner to determine the default ordering for that Project.

It doesn’t solve the issue, but for a fast way to access the journal post you could put a link to it in the “About” portion of your project page.

I’ve done that with some of the things that are a pain to find otherwise, like check-lists.

That’s true, thanks. I already have that link in several places, but as there are several other links in the umbrella project “About”, you have to go to “Read more” to see it. Then scroll down the several-pages-long post to find the link to the zone you want. I put them all together for the convenience of my non-iNat Project funders and users who will not be spending much time browsing.

Or I could copy and paste the link to each individual Project’s sorted obs into each individual Project’s About page…but that would take a lot of time, and I am already working on a bunch of different locations, so it would be a while before I got to it for each of them. Good idea though, if there is no chance of a default setting option.

Closing, as this isn’t functionalty plan to implement.