Rank active and recent projects higher in header search

When searching for annual / repeating projects in the header, often a very old project will appear in the top results.


It’s unclear to me how they are currently weighted, but can recently active, popular, and ongoing projects be made to have a higher ranking in the header search?

Some ideas for improving project search results and order include:

  • start / end date if applicable (especially perhaps give a much lower rank if the end date has long passed)
  • number of users joined/followed
  • recent journal posts
  • creation date is recent
  • number of observations added to project in the past x amount of time (traditional)

Agreed. I had trouble finding the main CNC project a couple of weeks ago. If you search for “City Nature Challenge 2020”, the main umbrella project is on Page 10 of the search results because all of the subprojects have that in their names too. I would expect an exact match to be at the top.


How about an option for the project curator to set the project to “inactive” or “finished” or something like this.
I also have a series of projects that are no longer active but I do not want t simply delete


They’re ranked by number of observations (or at least that plays a big part). I’ll see if we can try out a way to include creation date.

I was also thinking about if it might be useful to have some additional filter possibilities on the project site: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/search


  • collection vs. umbrella projects vs. classic
  • number of observations/observers
  • still active or not (time limited bioblitz vs. continuous project)
  • location ?

just some ideas

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could some projects be made private so they are only visible and searcha ble for the owner or admins ? Some projects are only of value to the owner and are just clutter and rubbish for anyone else and just cause distraction @tonyrebelo

Hey folks this is a feature request about the header search - feel free to propose new requests separately. Details here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/about-the-feature-requests-category-please-read-before-posting/69

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Thanks! the results seem much better now: