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I thought I saw this topic somewhere but can’t find it now.
I have three pages of Projects that I’ve joined. Since they’re in alpha order there and about half of them are basically inactive (e.g. a bioblitz for a specific date/year) plus the view includes more than just the project name, it’s more than I want to wade through.

I don’t always remember the names of the projects I’m looking for, and I don’t see a way to search this.

I might want to use this in at least a couple different ways, one definitely is to find a project I’ve recently physically participated in, another to see recent postings in certain projects.

Am I missing something–if not, what’s the easiest way to accomplish this?

You can choose to leave the projects (but keep your observations in them) if you like, to thin things out.

I would recommend using the header search, if you’re not already doing so. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the header to open it. If you go to all results and select “Projects” you’ll see only projects that meet your search words.

Thanks, I guess I didn’t notice that search since the entry field wasn’t expanded. I’ll try that.

I thought about leaving those projects, but I’d still like to know which ones I’ve participated in.

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Re: using the header search:
That’s of course presuming the project is in the same language as your search term. ;)

Finding projects for invasives in Italy took me a while because I don’t speak/write Italian.

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