Change photo and observation license(s) in the apps

To be able to reuse iNaturalist observations in for example Wikipedia, the default license does not suffice. It needs to be changed to CC0, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA. We have created a youtube explaining how to change the license to enable optimal reuse.

Changing the license in app is in theory possible, but far from optimal.

It would be so convenient if chaning the license(s) in the app would be easier. Is this possible?

Thanks for the feature request @andrawaag. Just a note to say that you can also vote for your own feature request!


I wouldn’t be against it, but we would need to make it quite clear that this opens up one’s photos to be used for all sorts of commercial enterprises.

I am always in favour of explaining the effects of a (chosen) licenses, but this feature request is not about license advocacy, but more porting the capability of chosing a prefered license to the app. iNaturalist supports this on the website version. It would be so convenient if we would have the same freedom to change licenses on mobile devices.


The iNat NZ help-desk has also had a request to change the default copyright © setting in the mobile app to Creative Commons (CC) - he pointed out that CC is the default for the web browser interface and that this would make them consistent and encourage reuse of data. Sounds like a good idea to me.