Change project field default settings

As manager of a project, I tried to edit the project and change a field. When I tried to do that a message said “you have to be project curator to do that” - I made myself a curator, and now I no longer can even edit the project!

Could someone explain exactly how one edits the default value of field created for a project in iNaturalist?

I think you need to be an iNat curator (unrelated to the project) to do certain things like that.

Hi @eogold, can you provide link(s) to the project and observation field(s) you’re trying to change? Screenshots may also be helpful.

If you are referring to the project admin @sallygale should be able to change your user settings.

Yes, that is the correct project. I was able to login as @sallygale and I made myself the Admin, so that I am now both a Manager and the Admin for the project. But again, when I try to change a field default value, I get dumped back out to the main project page with an error message in red that says I don’t “have permission to do that”.

Here’s an example of a field we want to edit. We want to make the default value “Adult” to streamline data entry.

When I click the Edit link I get an error message about not have permission to change the field.

When I change my status to “Curator” I no longer have the ability to edit the project - so it’s a circular mess.

Ah yeah, that’s confusing terminology. Site Curators are a separate user type than Project Curators.

The observation field Juvenile, adult or unknown was added by @trianderson, so only trianderson or site curators can edit the field:

For me the default value actually already is “adult”. Can you add a screenshot to help clarify what you would like to change? (Recognizing that these appear to be shared observation fields, so it may not be possible.) You can see/search/create/comment on observation fields here:



Can you take a screenshot of the error message just to be sure? It should not be specifying project curator, so if so that should be changed.

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