Creating Traditional Project - No Project Curator Tools

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome, Safari


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Description of problem I have created an invite-only traditional project with custom observation fields for a course. However, on creation, I was not a member, manager, or curator and I cannot make myself one. Therefore, I am unable to administer the project.

Step 1: I created the project.

Step 2: When I noticed I was not a member, I set the membership model to open, rather than invite-only. Then I was able to join the project, but only as a user.

Step 3: I do not have the typical curator/manager controls available. So, I cannot invite people to the project or make myself or anyone else a curator/manager.

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this looks like another case of:

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Thank you, yes that’s the same problem. I will try the work-around of handing it off to another user when iNaturalist is back up after maintenance.

Yes, it’s the same bug. I’m going to close this report to focus on the existing thread. I’m pretty sure we’ll have a fix out next week or so.

@mickley if you have any other questions or concerns about this, please share them at