Changes to common name priority in Manage Names are no longer saved

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  1. the current global ranking of common names for Spialia galba
  2. i moved Asian Grizzled Skipper to the top and Indian Skipper below Indian Grizzled Skipper (see below), then hit the Save Changes button which disappeared like normal, but upon going to the taxon page and then back to Manage Names, or just reloading Manage Names, the order just goes back to what it is in the first screenshot—any attempts to change common name priority are no longer sticking

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): changes to common name priority in Manage Names are no longer saved.


  1. go to the taxon page for any taxon with multiple common names (e.g., Spialia galba, which currently has the global default English name Indian Skipper and two alternate English names).
  2. go to Manage Names,
  3. adjust the priority of the names (I was trying to make Asian Grizzled Skipper the global English default, following Butterflies of India and because it’s less ambiguous than Indian Skipper—see this flag), then
  4. click Save Changes.
  5. return to the taxon page, and you’ll still see the old default name;
  6. go back to Manage Names (or just reload it), and the names will have the same priority as before the attempt to change them. (I tried changing the priority of common names a few more times and on a couple other taxa with the same lack of results)

(could this be a side effect of the recent updates to common names—in other words, does adjusting the priority of names count as editing those names and thus require comments [which, since there’s no place to comment in Manage Names, means names can no longer be reprioritized except by deleting and re-adding them]? if that’s the case, should a text box be added to Manage Names for curators to explain why they’re changing name priority?)

I noticed this late in the day on Friday and let our devs know. I’m pretty sure it’s related to the new changes.


This has been fixed and it’s working for me now.

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