Changing IDs in a selection rectangle throws map view way off course

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[Edit: After having cleared all erroneous IDs–leaving zero observations–clicking on the above link does zoom into the correct location, but see below.]

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): After correcting an erroneous observation in a selection rectangle, accessed from the taxon map of occurrences, hitting the “Back” or “Previous” arrow sets the map to the South Pacific Ocean, not to the original range map.

Step 1: View map of a taxon and zero into a small set of outlier observations with rectangle or circle tool.

Step 2: View and correct ID for (usually) an erroneous observation, leaving it at a different/higher taxon and not part of the original search criteria. (For a small set of observations within the selection of outliers, this usually involves changing all included erroneous IDs to a higher or different taxon within the search rectangle.)

Step 3: Hit the “Back” or “Previous” page button to return to the taxon map. With that action, the map resets not to the original range map of observations, but to the middle of the South Pacific Ocean–far from the original region. I suspect this is resetting to Latitude 0 degrees and Longitude 180 (E or W), but I haven’t confirmed this.

Is this an intended behavior or just a consequence of clearing all observations out of a search rectangle to higher/different taxa?