Chemical Taxonomy

Sorry about this, maybe i am totaly overdoing it

The idea ist this…

I can search for different species or genus of animals plants and so on…

I think it would be very awesome it there is a way to also search by chemicals
I think at Phytochemicals but also animals are interessting

there is this little frog and he makes this curare poison
or there are plants with vitamines
or other plants with alcaloides
some species contain different bio chemicals

there are already sites where people can search by plants or by chemical to get the plants

there are may around 300 000 known bio chemicals … its a lot i know
but it would be awesome if i or of course any one could search for carrots to see carrots but also could search vor vitamin A to find the same carrots

i think such a functionality would boost inaturalist on to an other level

of course there is also some taxonomy going on in such chemical stuff
some are vitamines, some are alcoloides, some are saponines and so on

so if one search for alcoloides the gets a lot of plants until he search for specific alcoloides so he get lesser plants but some how he gets to the point and maybe even by region and so on.

if this will be possible at some day in the future… i guess inaturalist would attract a lot of new people like scientists in pharmacology, medicine and what ever is interessted in such stuff

its just an idea… but i think it can be done … dont ask me how

look athe the other sites which have database on phytochemicals… they have a lot of information but most look creepy like from 1919… inaturalist in the other hand looks actualy very on time and if such a functionality could get included … it would be … i have no words … it would be absolute awesome ;D

A cool idea @jokkomarat, but I think iNaturalist has a tough enough time keeping up with taxonomy with these additional complications. So I’m going to close this request, but definitely feel free to bring up this subject in Nature Talk if you like.