Add more Seek badges and levels

I apologize if this has been brought up already, but I have some suggestions for the Seek badges page. Here are some suggestions:

  • Congratulations you’ve viewed 1,000 species!
  • Observed this specimen x100 (something to encourage people to observe the common wildlife)
  • Specialization badges - for birds, spiders, and other animals
  • Unknown badge - congrats, Seek doesn’t know what this is, lol (or something like Seek is still learning badge).
  • You’re a specialist in etc species…

Also, for levels maybe we can have a sublevel? I know that a lot of folks tend to specialize in stuff so maybe after level 5 or 10, you can choose what kind of specialization (birds, fish, or spiders, and etc).

Could we view the total number of possible species of a birds in the specific area (I don’t know how hard that would be codewise - state somewhere that this could change - since science is always changing).

That’s all that I can think of for now.

Note to all: this topic is specifically about the Seek apps, not the iNaturalist website or apps. The staff have already said they are not planning on incorporating elements of gamification, trophies, or badges on iNaturalist itself.

More here: Create badges for user profiles and here: Create personal challenges and trophy/badge system to make iNaturalist appeal to general audience.


Ok, ty.

I looked for a thread for Seek but could not find one - otherwise I would’ve put it there.

No worries! I think @bouteloua is reminding others of us to not misread your post and think that this relates to the iNaturalist platform, thus potentially derailing this topic.


Yes! That one!

I think, it is a bit sad, that you can’t see which Species are counted to a challenge.

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I agree.

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Good evening.

I have been using the Seek app for some months now (probably more than a year) very scarcely, but only this week did I create my iNaturalist account and started using it more seriously.

With that said, I was very sad to know that, by design, there’s no transfer of data from the Seek app to the iNaturalist platform; therefore, this would be my 1st priority and my main suggestion for you. Atm, I have close to 100 observations, and since the gamification component is what gets me going, I have no motivation to endure the effort of manually transferring everything to the platform.

Second, I agree with the author of this thread very much: after doing a couple of challenges and getting the gold badge in one of the categories, someone quickly loses the motivation to do more, at least as far as the gamification component goes. To the original suggestion list, I may add: 1) badges for “rare” species, 2) temporary badges for particular “species” (for example if there’s a “day of the lion”, which probably there is), 3) badges pertaining to different places (i.e. you’ve made observations in 5 different places or countries), and 4) maybe expand on the basic 3-tier category of bronze, silver, and gold (with “diamond” or other gems).

Third: While I fully understand that pets (namely dogs and cats) have a single species, no one can deny the added appeal that the Seek app would have if we could use the gamification for the different breeds that these animals have.

Last, but not least: add geology elements to the app.

Thank you.

Bruno Coelho

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I have a few suggestions for potential SEEK Badges and Levels.
My first idea is to create a ReSEEK Badge each month where the you attempt to find seasonal flora and fauna that you spotted roughly the same time the previous year. (This might help researchers, as well…with climate change, hardiness zones, etc.)
My second SEEK badge idea is an Unusuals Badge. I have observed an number of organisms that do not fall into the main categories…slime molds, planaria, etc.
My third SEEK badge idea is a Lifecycles Badge. Find an organism (plant, insect, amphibian, etc.) at two or more life stages.
I suggest that SEEK and iNaturalist add a Microscopic Category. Add algae, protozoa, diatoms, insect larva, nematodes, tardigrades, etc. each with their own badges. (SEEK and iNaturalist could collaborate with the folks at Foldscope, Public Lab, EcoExplore at the NC Arboretum, the Leaf Pack Project and the Rock Pack project. Plus others I may not be aware of.)
I like bookworm86’s suggestions for specialization badges, badges for multiple observations of the same organism (on different days) and levels beyond Explorer. I am at the Explorer Level. I would like to see a Level at every 100 to 150 species.
I and my family very much enjoy SEEK and iNaturalist. I share it with my 10 1/2 year old. Even my honey will call me over to check out whatever organism he has turned up. When I am hunting for species to complete a new badge, they are eager to help me. SEEK and iNaturalist help me keep my two computer geeks connecting with Nature. I have also recommended SEEK and iNaturalist to friends. Thanks!


Is there a challange for January 2021 already, which doesn’t Show up for me somehow?

We’re taking a break on challenges until March.

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Ah I see, good to know .
Thanks for letting us all know. :)

But now, you can go on scanning the world, while another observation is still uploading!
Yeaaah!! :D
Thank you so much for this new Feature!!