CID displays differently in the app vs website

The crazy muskrat observation displays as RG at Ondatra zibethicus on the website, but only at genus on the Android app.

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Is this still happening?

Yep, though I don’t have any more examples right now.

here’s one:
Kingdom Fungi on the website and Life in the Android app

hmm, showing as Fungi for me on Android

I closed and re-opened the app and I’m still getting Life. I guess maybe it’s some kind of caching bug?

here’s another one:
shows Cervini in the app and Dama dama on the website. I assume it’s ok for you?

Yep, it’s at Dama dama for me on Android. If you clear the app cache does it update to species?

I almost never look at other people’s observations on the app… I wonder if there are other similar problems.

I force quit it, cleared the cache, and rebooted my phone. Still Cervini (and Life on the mushroom). comes up as fungi for me. has been deleted.

@jwidness if you log out and log back in does that change anything?

logging out and in changed it to Fungi for me