City Nature Challenge Australia

How did Australia manage to miss out on hosting a City Nature Challenge? Is there still a way to include Sydney, Melbourne, etc.?

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Each urban area participating has an organization, individual, or group of organizations who have stepped up to lead the CNC for their area. You can reach out to the organizers of the CNC or sign up for 2020 at

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Cheers Cassi. Disappointing that noone has organised anything over here. Reflection of the sorry state of funding/attention for ecological/biological sciences in Australia I guess.

I think they have another site similar to iNat that gets a lot of use there, and it hasn’t been absorbedby iNat (yet). Same is true for parts of Europe

Charlie, do you mean the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA)? That’s a bit of a different entity to iNat. Indeed, research grade obs on iNat actually get funnelled into ALA, so if anything the ALA absorbs content from iNat (ALA has almost 85 million records). Also, the ALA is not really a citizen science/naturalist site; it’s more just an aggregative database, like GBIF but for Australia. So museums, etc., upload all their records into there. There’s also zero interactions between users; each record has to be identified by the uploader and there’s very little moderation/corrections.

Australia definitely uses iNat still though! We’re almost up to 500 000 observations. Nowhere near iNat titans like the USA, but definitely trending up.

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Hmm. It was a long time ago so I’m not sure if that’s what I was thinking of or not. I’m realizing if you live there you’d know way better than I would. I hope inat continues to grow there !

QuestaGame is largely AU based, but extending out to WW

@thebeachcomber check out this link, sent to me by another iNatter…
This document will be giving me a lot of weight in applications for various projects that i am wanting to get off the ground, particularly here in Gisborne, NZ

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and Christchurch would welcome your support! consider it an ANZAC entry!


Cheers Mark! Interesting document indeed

Not sure where you are in Aus, Thomas, but a colleague of mine is considering organising Brisbane to host a challenge next year. I can put you in touch if you like. As @kiwifergus said, it’d be awesome to have a trans-Tasman competitor next year.

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Cheers Nathan, I’m in Sydney unfortunately. Never know, I might make it up there!

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