City or Location Leaderboards

I am just curious:

Is there a place to see “leaderboards” for like States/Cities that have maybe the most identification IDs or Research Grade observations? I’ve been doing a lot of identifications for my county and state these last couple weeks and I was just curious if there is a place to see the before/after numbers and comparisons to other equivalent areas.

If you go to any location in Explore, you should be able to click on Observations, Species, Identifiers, and Observers. This should give you a “leaderboard” if that is what you are looking for. Example with IDers in Boston:


Ooh thanks! I was imagining maybe like a type of leaderboard where it shows like a ranking. Maybe it is possible in the future

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The page linked above does show a rank column on the lefthand side for me with the identifier with the most IDs being listed at the top in position “1”. Staff have noted that they are generally not going to add other “gamification” features to iNat as they can sometimes encourage poor user behavior (like adding many poor quality IDs or observations to try to get to the top of a leaderboard), so I would guess that this is what will be available for the foreseeable future. A major value of these is finding folks who are very active in a specific area or taxon (and likely to be active and have expert knowledge) to help with IDs.


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