How to view top observers and identifiers by state or country

When I tend to look at the statistics page I generally see something like this:

Could you guys be able to break the leaderboards down even more? For each section could you separate it into states than by city (in the USA) and whatever would be easier for other countries?

Here is a link if the image doesn’t work:

This came in as a feature request but I moved it to general because it’s already possible to search top observers and identifiers by state or country. I’m heading out though, so hopefully someone else can get you a more complete answer.

How can you search the top observers for by state? I have looked but couldn’t find anything.

Go to the Observations search page and narrow down your search by location, then look at the “Observers” tab

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like this

Ok, ty.

It seems to me that this will cause a huge demand for hardware. Does anybody know if this kind of queries is database, infrastructure and resource intensive ? (And does pay iNaturalist per request ? Of is it a fixed price). Everytime i am wondering why it is made this way, instead of some statices which are refreshed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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