Comment duplicated for comment then ID in quick succession within one observation


Firefox Version 82.0 (64-bit)
(with New Jersey filter also applied, but I doubt that changes anything)

Step 1: add comment to observation

Step 2: very quickly (while comment has not yet appeared / is loading), hit i , p, enter , enter…

Step 3: whoops, the comment was copied and now appears twice.

as you can see, the comment did save twice, not a visual error.

Yes, and in I’d mode after you post comment and start adding I’d the comment is saved under I’d before the first one is fully processed, so you need to wait until it’s uploaded or will end up with 2 similar texts.

Filed a bug here:

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this seems to be the same problem as this, i think:

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so I thought these issues were fixed, but oops, still happens.
If I create a comment, then immediately hit the shortcut to add a new ID, the comment briefly appears in the new ID’s comment box. This happens consistently on Identify but not on observation pages.
It vanishes pretty quickly, so I have to make a real effort to reproduce the bug, but it is still possible. See e.g. this observation
Thus some form of bug still exists, though it no longer causes problems for normal use, and even I with my pretty speedy IDs rarely find it to be an obstacle any more.

We added a fix that should prevent a comment from persisting when going from one observation to another when using the Identify modal (this bug), but that fix doesn’t address this issue when it’s happening while you’re on one observation.

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