Comment is duplicated for two IDs made in quick succession on two separate observations


Firefox Version 82.0 (64-bit)
(with New Jersey filter also applied, but I doubt that changes anything)

Step 1: using Identify page. copy/pasted a placeholder ‘‘Oak leaf roller’’ and pasted into comment area of an ID. Hit tab , enter to submit.

Step 2: type -> , i , d , down-arrow , enter , enter to quickly add ID to next observation

Step 3: whoops, comment from previous observation was copied…

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This happens on Chrome 86.0.4240.111 too FWIW.

trying to replicate it and not getting anything… it’s not the first time I’ve seen a comment from the previous observation auto-copy, but it’s the first time it saved with the rogue comment still there. maybe you have to be reaallly fast??

I’ve seen what may be the same behavior in the last day or two, during very fast switching between obs- a quick flash of the previous obs’ comment and then it vanishes while I look at it in confusion, before clicking anything else.

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I further found that if you paste a different comment in quickly over top of it, the new text vanishes when the old one would have.

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same as this probably:

This problem has since gotten worse. The delay for the comment field to clear out the previous comment is now between 2-20 seconds.

Been noticing it more as well, espeically as I’ve been using the Text Expander extension. I’ll add it to my report this week.

So as I’ve been trying to replicate this more, I’ve found it’s not consistent - sometimes it happens over and over during an identifying session, sometimes it never does, and I don’t think my actions are markedly different each time. I feel like it’s dependent on time of day. Anyone else notice a time of day pattern?

EDIT: time of day, which may correspond with site activity or slowdown.

I have not, but I’ll start playing closer attention.

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We released a potential fix for this and thus far I haven’t been able to replicate the issue so far, but please do some testing and see if you can.

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I am still experiencing small delays / instances of this and closely related bugs on rare occasions, but struggle to reproduce the issue. At this point it is no longer interfering with my use of the site, so I’ll close this unless the bug starts causing issues again.

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