Common holly is listed at Critically Endangered globally

"critically endangered" Globally ( Source: IUCN Red List)

Not sure if it’s a bug or mis-entered info, but the common holly is Least Concern

Removed that. The IUCN Red List link wasn’t even valid. Someone may have been playing around there(?).

Everyone, hurry while you can and steal Common Holly localities! This could be your lucky day!


Ilex aquifolium is an invasive weed in western North America. It’s also cultivated in places. It’s not rare.


I think it was because recently a taxon change was made, Ilex perado ssp. iberica was replaced with Ilex aquifolium. I. p. iberica seems to be marked as critically endangered.

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Ok, this was probably me.

I did not realise that a swap transfers the conservation status of a taxon to the other.

Does this mean that, for all cases where a name needs to be synonymised into another already existing one and records transferred, we should be merging rather than swapping? This would be far more disruptive.

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