Gahnia lacera curation needed re endemicism and conservation status

I have a number of obs of this endemic NZ plant species, currently not appearing in their collection projects due to being obscured
and listed Critically endangered endemic to Lanai.
I believe this is a mistake. I flagged the taxon for curation. When should I expect a response?
I dont know if this is the right category but it is a technical issue I think?

Which part do you consider to be the error, the listing as endangered or that the records are not in the project?

Not being in a collection project is an intentional design choice.

I’m not qualified to assess if it is correct or not but NatureServe which is a source for many of the status ranks on the site does list it as critically endangered. You can follow the link under the status tab of the taxon page.

That link actually points to a different species’ rating… I think it is a mistake

It’s a synonym according to the taxonomy tab. It’s also commented on under the concept reference section on the link.

Ok I see what is going on, what was thought to be a critically endangered Hawaii species was determined to be the same as the common NZ species. But they left the rank intact and it gets imported to iNat from that synonym status.

Who would be best to tag in to sort that? My feeling is simply remove the ranking, but I have no idea if we should jsut jump in and do that. @tiwane might know who to pass this onto

@kaipatiki_naturewatc it might take a few days, but it will get sorted.

I think it is clearly in error, if need be we can leave the Hawaii rank in place but remove the global one, which I have already done. My concern is it coming back on the next refresh.

Thank you cmcheatle!

Thanks Mark.