Compare button: click vs. open in new tab

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox


Description of problem

Step 1: Go to linked observation

Step 2: Click on ‘Compare’ button. No suggestions.

Step 3: Right-click on ‘Compare’ button, select ‘open in new tab’. One suggestion.


When clicking the Compare button:

When right-clicking & opening in new tab:

I am posting this under Bugs, because it seems that simply opening the Compare tool via a different method should not lead to differing results.

The current compare tool only works as a pop-up modal on the observation page - it’s drawn directly from the modal on the Identify page. So it’s impossible to open it up in a new tab.

The current compare tool replaces the old “Identotron”, which (I think) some people still like to use, so that’s what we show you if you open the Compare link in a new tab. Functionality is basically the same, and the Identotron has a few more options as well. So not a bug, it’s intentional.