Compare tool only showing top 5 options

(Website; Chrome):

Any “compare” button on an ID.

Pressing the compare button is currently only showing the top 5-8 taxa (6 of 25 species in the above case), the rest are blank - simply it is unworkable.

If one mouse-wheel-clicks the compare button to open the “identotron” then it does work - it does load all the species. (wish it did the subspecies as well - a pain!).

Have tried on several taxa, and getting complaints from users trying to make identifications.
another example (shows 7 of 39 species):

URLs not possible on compare tools, but the identotron equivalents are

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I can replicate, we’ll take a look.

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This should be fixed now. The photos and maps on the taxa after the first five might be a bit slower to load, but they’re all coming up for me.