Compare ID feature for Sounds

I would like to request a feature for comparing sounds, adding to the ‘Compare’ identification feature that currently only compares visuals (see example below):

The idea is that somebody records a sound and wants to know what could make that sound in the area, they click compare feature and either the feature also shows both sounds and pictures of the species OR there is a toggle option to show pictures or sound. The same layout can be used (see example below).

This requires that exemplar sound recordings for each species (multiple allowed per species), that can be played back (see example taxon page below):

These taxon sounds (for each species) should work the same as the taxon photographs, where any user can add, remove or rearrange the media on the species page.

I believe this will make iNaturalist an invaluable resource for call identifications, it is a feature that I have wanted to use on numerous occasions. Currently the only way to compare calls is to do it manually, and this is slow and not user friendly. The coding infrastructure is already there so it should be an easy feature to add.

Would anyone else endorse this request?


Sounds cool! I’m out of votes though.

How does vote limit work? I didn’t yet that there was one.

It was 100 if it wasn’t changed.

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Oh okay. I’ll have to read and think about that more. Is it explained in writing in any one place like iNat. guidelines, or something that just came up in Forum discussion comments?

Here’s the forum topic that says we’re supposed to have 100 votes:

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