Compare tool stopped working?

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I have a bookmark of a comparison made with the compare tool. It seems to have stopped working in the last couple of days. Here is the compare:

It is not listing anything for “not in common” and “unique.”

I’ve used this many times and it always seemed to work before.

Going over 500 compared taxa breaks the tool, unfortunately. There are 559 being compared here. You seem to have added more observations from this place ID yesterday, which brought you over the tool’s limit.


Maybe they could add a message that the limit has been reached?


It should display that on the right in red, “Some queries missing taxa.” It displays that when I open your link. It should be a bit more obvious and straightforward, though.


if you were to set up a project for the place, you could probably use @kildor’s “missed species” page to generate a comparison list. maybe kildor might even be interested in updating the page so that it could work with a place_id in place of a project_id?

for more info, see:

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I haven’t checked if it possible, but why not.

I’ve even used the place_id for other form, so I’ve added it (and “additional params”) to the page.


I tried the missed species page and it works great. The main gap, and a significant one for me, is that the parameters are not a part of the URL, so I’ll have to type them in each time I use the site. Is there any way they can be added, so I can bookmark a link for a specific place? I have the compare tool bookmarked for certain sites and use it often.

Is there any way the 500 taxon limit for the compare tool could be increased? I find the tool to be very useful and would definitely like to use it for cases beyond this limit. I have currently broken plants into dicots and non-dicots to get around it, but if I have a much bigger region, I’ll have to break up dicots and that might become very tedious.

probably not. i doubt that iNat staff would make any further changes to an experimental tool that could be deprecated at any time. short of that, you would have to update the page (or a copy of it) yourself or convince someone else to update the page. (the code should be over at the iNat GitHub repo.)

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I will think about the idea, but can’t promise for any result right now.


Hello! If you are still interested, I’ve added a button to save the state of the form to the URL, it was much easier then I expected.

Or you can use these links:
First link shows species which you have not observed in the boundaries (project or place), second shows species missed you completely on the site.


Much thanks!