Confirming IDs somehow turned off

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Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): While scrolling back through my recently submitted observations, I have found several have been identified that were neither in my dashboard or in the dropdown list next to my profile name. I’m doing a tagging project of over 30 years of photos and cannot comb through my submission looking for missed identifications. The observation above of the pitcher plant is one of many. Thanks

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Can you double-check your setting for confirming IDs in your account settings please?

It is OFF. (I have enabled it, thanks.)
I have never used this settings page, but have until recently been receiving notifications of all IDs. Is this a new feature or something that might have been changed in a recent upgrade?

Looking through my dashboard, I see this is not applied retroactively. Is there a way to search for IDs that agree with mine that I have not seen?

Hm, it shouldn’t have changed recently and it shouldn’t be able to change itself without you going to the account settings page.

If there was no notification generated then iNat doesn’t know what you have seen or not.

You can use a tool that pisum created, but it will return more than just the ones you missed so you’ll have to look through them yourself:

Since you should have gotten notifications for disagreeing IDs, you are only looking for observations where someone else added a confirming ID. So you should look for rows where the column called ID Count is greater than 1 (meaning there are IDs in addition to yours), and where the column called ID Count @ Obs is the same as ID Count (meaning all of the IDs are for the same taxon).

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Thank you very much!

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I’m going to close this report. If anyone else finds confirming IDs turned off without their knowledge, please open a new report.