Conflict with project defined by a zone and precision radius of the project observations

Hi, i Have this project that gather every observation of the wildlife encounter into a park.

The settings of the project define the perimeter of the park as the including zone of observations accepted for the project.

The issue is that when we post observations with a part of the localisation radius going over the limit of the project zone, it seems that the project does not aknowledge the observations. This is a serious issue for us as many observations made close to the border of the park are then uncountable in the project…

For example, here is an observation made into the park and meeting the requirements of the project that does not show up on the project datas :

link of the project :

Any tips or recommendations ?

Welcome to the forum!

Yes, this is the system working as intended. The reasoning behind this is that one can’t be certain that locations with accuracy circles that contain area outside of a location boundary are in fact inside the location.

You can search the forum for discussions around this, but two potential solutions are to use a traditional project that allows manually adding observations to a project or creating a new place for your project that deliberately has larger borders that would encompass additional observations (with a location title that clearly differentiates it from the true borders of the park).

Thanks cthawlley, I understand and will try both solutions to see what fits best with our purposes and local context !

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