Converting Traditional Project to Collection Project - how?

This thread mentions that only project admins can convert a traditional project to some other kind of project (in my case, I want to convert it to a collection project for automatic additions to the project.) However, while it mentions only administrators can do this (thereby seeming to confirm it can be done) it doesn’t exactly say HOW administrators do this or link to the documentation.

Can someone point this out to me? I am a project administrator and would like to convert one of my old projects, but when I go to edit the project there is no obvious function to convert it to a collection project.

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On the edit page, do you have a banner at the top that offers a preview?

Sadly, no! This is what I see when I go to edit the project.

I’m pretty sure the “must be wild” rule is the blocker here - there’s no directly analogous observation requirement for collection projects. What you’d have to do is remove that rule and replace it with “must be verifiable”. That’s almost the same as “must be wild” but it also means that observations need to have media evidence, a date, and a location in addition to being of a wild organism.


Yes! That worked and prompted the banner for me. Thank you!

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