Converting Traditional Projects to Collections Projects


Sometimes iNat offers to convert my old traditional projects to the new project type, when it is clearly ludicrous.
But now I have a project that I want to be a new project, and it is perfectly appropriate, but iNat is not offering me the option.
How do I convert my old to a new project?

  • I want to keep the users who have joined.
  • I dont need permission for hidden coords.
  • There are no observation fields or conditions (other than that the observations must be from the place).
    So why can I not upgrade it?.
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Did you mean to link to: ?

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apologies: yes!



After trying it out with a test project and a second test account, it appears that only the Project Admin can convert a project from Traditional to Collection. Project Managers cannot do the conversion. In this case, only @linkie can do the conversion.

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thanks: will request it …

Although I know iNat often asks me if I want to convert some of my projects. Would be nice to know if there was a “tweak” (other than @linkie help!) I could do to get it to ask me for projects I would like to convert