Where is link to convert traditional project to a `collection project

A few weeks ago I created a traditional project for galls but with the new Evidence of Presence I wanted to convert it but don’t know how. When I go to edit the project there is a link to the blog and preview but I can’t find a link to actually perform the conversion.

It looks like this project can be converted to a new Collection Project.
You can preview what your project would look like as a Collection Project by clicking here.


When you click through to the preview, it offers you a chance there to complete the conversion.

hmmm… I don’t get that second link. I was going to ask someone to paste a link so I can hack t but the code behind the link is buried deep in javascript and I couldn’t debug it with a test project I made. Will send an email to help+projects@inaturalist.org

There’re no managers or curators in that project, maybe that’s why.

I’m not so sure. I just checked two projects - one of my traditionals with a manager and the other without manager or curator and both had the link I showed.
[edit: not entirely true - I am the manager of both I admin. One has an additional manager].

@marina_gorbunova It looks like you are correct. I just set up another traditional project with no manager or curator, just me and yes, indeed there is no option to convert given in the preview.

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For some reason I got the link when I created a simple (empty) test project. I have now added Managers and Curators and I still don’t get the link.

Definitely a bug. We’ll take a look this coming week.

But are you the curator or manager? If it’s same as other ones, you need to have that role (not just have another user there).

Okay - its working now and I converted the project successfully so I assume something was fixed.

PS. I was Owner of the project and made someone a Curator and Admin and they didn’t have a link either.

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