"Copyrighted Media Removed" image missing in app

unsure if Feature Request or bug report.

anyway, I recently flagged an image as copyrighted (on desktop). I later looked at the observation on my phone and the image was a plain grey square.

which is confusing. if it weren’t for the discussion in the comments, I would think the image simply wasn’t loading properly.


Do you have a screen shot?

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(There was one originally, but since it was from a user who was new to using iNat, I asked it be removed so as not to draw unnecessary attention to their mistake. I can confirm it was just a grey square instead of the normal bold copyrighted media removed image.)


Here’s what it looks like:

iOS shows the copyrighted image removed image, so I’ll make an issue for Android to do the same.

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There seems to be some weird stuff going on with the copyright image lately between this and the bug I reported.