"Copyrighted Media Removed" image missing in app

unsure if Feature Request or bug report.

anyway, I recently flagged an image as copyrighted (on desktop). I later looked at the observation on my phone and the image was a plain grey square.

which is confusing. if it weren’t for the discussion in the comments, I would think the image simply wasn’t loading properly.


Do you have a screen shot?

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(There was one originally, but since it was from a user who was new to using iNat, I asked it be removed so as not to draw unnecessary attention to their mistake. I can confirm it was just a grey square instead of the normal bold copyrighted media removed image.)


Here’s what it looks like:

iOS shows the copyrighted image removed image, so I’ll make an issue for Android to do the same.

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There seems to be some weird stuff going on with the copyright image lately between this and the bug I reported.

This should be fixed now, so I’ll mark it as solved. If it’s not working for you and you’re using the latest version of the app, please let us know and provide a screenshot.