Country species list not including those in subdivisions

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Petén department Piper species list:

Guatemala country Piper species list:

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Step 1: Search for genus Piper in Petén, Guatemala. (One of the country’s administrative districts.) Notice 8 species, including Piper amalago.

Step 2: Search for genus Piper in Guatemala, the country. Notice 8 species, not including Piper amalago.

Step 3: If the species is present in the department of Petén, it should be listed for the country as a whole. This also makes me wonder how many other species are listed for the different departments within Guatemala that don’t show up for the country as a whole.

This is because the two observations of P. amalago are actually in Mexico:
not in Guatemala.

It looks like the first search link you provided for Peten department is just a bounding box search which includes a fair amount of area in Mexico and is not restricted to Guatemala.

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I see! Thank you! I also see that certain of the country’s departments, like Escuintla and Huehuetenango, have properly delineated borders, while many others don’t - they have a square area like Petén does. Is there any way for me to fix this myself?

Create a new place and provide a KML file of the boundary.

Ok, I have no idea what that is or how to do it. :/
Thanks, though!

There’re many topics on the forum about it, you can find them if you search “create new place”.

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