County Place update incorrect KML or shapefile

Hi, this follows a previous post I made this week on Places (

I wonder if anybody has experience on updating existing Places that have incorrect boundaries? I’m speaking specifically about the following place:, for which the KML is historic with an inaccurate boundary. I have created a new place:, which has an up-to-date boundary, but I foresee confusion with projects using the old Place. Is there a way for the KML in the original Place to be updated? I presume these are pulled from a database as I cannot myself manually amend the old Place KML. Is this something iNat admins are able to assist with?

Having the new Place is fine, but I’d rather the old one were more accurate, with existing projects included, and there not be two almost-duplicate places. Thanks,

Yes, curators can update KMLs of existing places. They can also merge duplicate places, although this removes the place from any associated projects. I can download the new KML, replace the old one, and merge your new place with the old so there aren’t duplicates. You would have to change the project to use the (updated) old place. Does that sound good? It’s generally helpful to make a flag for such situations so you can ask place/project creators if they’re OK with boundaries being updated.

i don’t think curators can change “standard” places.

Ah I couldn’t see that on my phone. Yes in that case the best thing to do is reach out to GADM and ask them to update. I think they have a form on their website.

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it’s quite possible that the GADM set is already updated. but it’s been almost 4 years since iNat last attempted to update standard places in the system, and there’s no telling when the next update will occur.

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Thanks for the input folks. I’ve reached out to GADM to see about the Dundee shapefile specifically, as theirs still appears to be the pre-1995 historic boundary as well.

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