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I’m trying to update a geographical area as the automatically generated Place boundary is incorrect (Dundee, County - possibly historic). I’ve added a new Place using a correct KML file, (Saved as Dundee City, Local Authority Area). My hope is that I can now get a better indication of observations that fall within this more accurate boundary, but I can’t see any observations at all. Has somebody had experience in this and is able to help? Thanks

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when making new places, it almost always takes a little while for observations to populate them; generally the bigger the place, the longer it takes. Check back in an hour or two and they should be in there


Hi Thank you for the welcome and your quick reply. I’m hoping the observations will self-populate into the updated geofence, but I’ve left it 21 hours now and only new or updated observations seem to have done so. I’m expecting a couple thousand or so. Should I wait longer, or have I perhaps done something wrong?

Thanks again.

could you provide a link here to the place, and then some observations which you expect should be in it

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On re-checking I think the observations have in fact populated. My question now turns to species.
On the original place: https://www.inaturalist.org/places/dundee I see there are several hundred species listed under the Species tab. But in the new place: https://www.inaturalist.org/places/dundee-city only 6. Is this something that will ever reconcile?

Thank you.

that aspect is tricky, as it falls under the old checklist functionality, which can be a bit buggy. Also, a lot of those species were likely manually added to that checklist. You could do the same if you wish and add stuff to the new place, but ultimately whether they appear under that tab or not doesn’t actually influence them being in the place


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