Naturalism and covid protocols/guidelines

Hi there lovely community, just a question to who those use iNat for educational purposes, and in these covid moment, are you still conducting in field activities? if so, what guidelines do you follow? My question is focused to people working with childrens and teens.

Outdoorsing is one of the safest ways of socializing we have, especially if we maintain some distance and mask up. And we are a social species, most of us need to interact to feel well. So I think on the balance it’s good!

The main special consideration is that our human impact on the environment is increased when we’re in groups and especially when we spread out and take up more space – it’s harder to stay on the trail, to avoid flushing individuals, etc.

So, from a human perspective, encourage folks to socialize outdoors and safely! And from an environmental impact, be especially aware of trying to keep groups small and to minimize disturbance.


I personally go to trails that are less used. And with lots of snow on the ground, stepping off the trail for social distancing can be done without damage to any vegetation. Where I live snow is on the ground from December to late March usually.

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