Application automatically closing and not synchronizing observations

Platform: Android

App version number: 1.29.7

Description of problem: I’ve been using the iNaturalist app for a long time and I’ve never had any problems with it (besides the slowness in some parts), but I started having problems with automatic closing and synchronization problems… A screen appears saying to close, wait or report, but when I click wait the screen appears again (Sometimes it closes automatically without showing this screen).

Some of the things I’ve tried were uninstalling and reinstalling the app, clearing cache and even data, and disconnecting and connecting the account but it still didn’t work. One thing I also wanted to say is that the application is getting very heavy sometimes, sometimes I delete 50 to 100 mb of cache. Thank you and I hope you can help me!

make sure to turn off auto sync, if you haven’t tried that already.

Platform: Android 11
App version number: 1.29.5

This is also happening to me. The app won’t upload/sync observations. Observations I’ve added on my phone that have yet to sync are, as normal, highlighted in green with the message “Waiting to upload…”. On launch, the message “Syncing _ of __ observations” displays, but 1) none of the observations show any upload progress, and 2) after some time the app closes on its own, or starts over from the beginning again.

When I turn off auto sync, select a single observation, and tap the upload icon, it displays the message “Uploading…” and the circular progress bar for a split second, then switches back to “Waiting to upload…”.

I’ve tried force-stopping the app, clearing the cache, and making sure all permissions are granted, but it still doesn’t work.

edit: logging out and logging back in again doesn’t work either.

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Hello. I turned off the synchronization but it still hasn’t been fixed, I don’t know if it was a coincidence but I managed to stay longer in the application without it closing…

I was able to see the observations for longer than usual and that screen did not appear or close automatically, but some observations do not even show the images:

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Unfortunately it’s the same thing that’s happening here, I’ve done everything and it doesn’t go back to normal. My cell phone is an Lg K41S, I don’t know if the problem would be due to the software version…

It’s Android 10.

In fact, I realized that it has cached megabytes than the size I quoted:

sounds like definitely a bug not just buggy auto sync.

Another trick is if the app gets too big with cached data, signing out then in again can help. But i doubt that will fully fix this either, it sounds like a more robust bug.

I agree. Perhaps in the next update this will be fixed, I will wait and make my observations through the mobile browser. Thanks for the answer!

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The next time this happens, please send log files from the app. To send log files, go to the About tab in the iNaturalist app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us. And please link to this thread in your email.

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Ok, done! I don’t know if it was the best way, but the same error just occurred and I sent the logs…

If anything else is needed, I will.

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Thank you very much, a few days ago the application started working normally again.
It’s not closing automatically or showing the screen it was showing before, I was testing it until I identified some species and there were no crashes, thank you!

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OK, great.

Also, @arachnoto’s issue was caused by faulty longitude recording via another app, so I’m going to close this thread.

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