Create a “Except my observations” check-box on the Identify page on Mobile APP (Android)

Maybe this has been requested before but I couldn’t find anything related to it, so…

Whenever I have time to expend with Identifications, I pickup my Cell Phone and start to look for observations usually in my own area (Brazil, Distrito Federal, Brasília). Soon I become overloaded with my own observations and browse for pages and pages till I find something/someone I think I can help shomehow. It’s time consuming and makes me loose attention, sometimes skipping observations that would be of my interest. The only way I’ve found to avoid the burden is to identify observations from other states in the country, selecting them one by one. Selecting “Brazil”, instead, kind of disolves my observations within many others but, due to the sorting procedure – which I don’t guess what is – soon it starts to show my obs again.

Thought that, if possible, a small change in the API and a “I don’t know how big it would be” change in the mainframe software would be of interest to others. Something like that image down below wich I’ve poorly edited:

Note that my local language is Portuguese and, supposedly, the feature will have to respect all the internal translations rules as well.

The Identify page on the site has the same problem as the filters pop-up has been designed to work the same way.

Any better ideas? Thanks

I think more likely checkbox to achieve this goal would be like what is on the Identify page on the website: Reviewed

That would exclude:

  • observations you’ve added an ID to, which is typically
  • all of your own observations,
  • observations you’ve IDed for others,
  • plus the ones you’ve already looked at, but can’t ID or just want to skip for whatever reason

Since this is kind of a duplicate of the existing feature request to expand ID help functionality in the apps, I’m going to close this. Feel free to shift your vote here: and please send me a message if I’ve interpreted anything incorrectly and you’d like it reopened. Thanks!

P.S. I also see you’ve corrected a translation in the screenshot – you can read about translating the mobile app and, following the instructions listed there, get access to verify and add translations:

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